See The Nigerian Musician Who Left His N2 Million Per Month Job To Sell Phones In Computer Village

When certain personal decisions are made, we tend to wonder why the individual concerned made such a decision. For the most part of it, we find it difficult to comprehend, some even find it very foolish, but to the person who made such a decision, he or she has perhaps made the wisest decision he or she would have ever made.

Considering the situation in Nigeria at the moment, even before the pandemic, it will be foolish for someone to leave 2 million naira per month job to sell phones in computer village.

Not discrediting the importance of the job at the computer village, but it isn’t really common for one to make 2 million naira per month in computer village selling phones, considering the fact that there is no monopoly of business there. There are several other persons selling exactly what you are selling.

You get lucky once a potential customer approaches you. Mr. Eazi is no doubt one of Africa’s biggest musicians at the moment. Did he make a good decision leaving his 2 million naira per month job to sell phones in the computer village? Perhaps not, but he is really doing well for himself today.

Having endured heavy backlash from fans, colleagues, and music critics for claiming to have pioneered the infusion of Ghanaian lingos into the Nigerian music industry, Mr. Eazi took the nearest opportunity to address the situation.

In a chat on Beat FM’s Morning Rush show, Mr. Eazi spoke about some of the difficulties he faced before the spotlight finally found him. The singer said he ditched a quite expensive nine-to-five job in the oil and gas sector.

He also revealed that after getting his master's degree, he did the unthinkable by going to sell phones at Computer Village, in Ikeja, Lagos. Mr. Eazi said: “After I came back from Ghana, I got a job in oil and gas in Port Harcourt that paid about six thousand dollars per month but I quit because I was not finding fulfillment in it.

“I mean it was the same thing every day, the same routine over and over again. The decision to quit the job finally hit me when my boss’ wife left him even with all the money he had.

“After I left my job, I got my Master’s degree and with all that qualification I started selling phones in computer village and everyone thought something was wrong with me.

“Even my mother started praying special prayers for me but my father didn’t add that final voice that would have decided my fate. ‘My break finally came after I got an invite to do two shows in London that made me twelve thousand pounds which I used to shoot two videos.

“When I told my mother what I did with the money she stopped talking to me for about three weeks. I had to move in with a friend because even my relatives didn’t want me around but everything finally changed when I went back to London for shows that fetched me really good money.”

When asked how much he charges per show, the ‘Leg Over’ singer said his benchmark is N10 million.

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