Meet the Senator who got paid 120 NDDC contract and did none –

Meet the Senator who got paid 120 NDDC contract and did none –
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Meet the Senator who got paid 120 NDDC contract and did noneMeet Senator James Manager Who Got 300 NDDC Contracts, None Executed, 120 Fully Paid

Below is the photo of Senator James Manager, PDP-Delta South, who is serving his 5th term in the

According to information released by the federal government, Senator John Manager alone handles 300 contracts from the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

During a press conference, the NDDC Acting Executive Director of Projects, Dr. Cairo Ojougboh declared that besides securing 300 contracts for himself alone, 120 of the contracts have been fully paid for while none has been executed.

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ElombahNews had, on November 4, reported how the interim Management of NDDC revealed that a Serving Senator is single-handedly handling about 300 contracts for the Commission .

Dr Ojougboh however, did not say if the contracts were executed. He also did not name the Senator.

Ojougboh said the contracts were under investigation, adding that NDDC owes contractors about N3 trillion.

The acting director said

If one is not careful one can lose it in Nigeria. Between January 1, 2020 and March 31, 2020. The federal Government of Nigeria after paying interest on debts had about N7.2 bn left to cater for its recurring spending which is majorly salaries and pensions , Statutory and capital project. It will be worse when Q2 figures is released.

Fiam it is went into debt market and borrowed cash to cater for Nigerians.

It is worthy to NOTE the money dissected by NDDC between Feb 2020 and June 2020 is not the money earned from the sale of crude oil because Nigeria earned nothing during the aforementioned period.

The money mismanaged by the interim Management Committee of NDDC is from the loans taken via Naira bond, NTB to mention few. The good thing about the NDDC matter is there is no outcry from the region. Everyone is cool. The most important thing is every penny via the Statutory payment by FG to NDDC since 2016 is borrowed fund NOT money earned from the sale of crude oil. So this mentality of it is our money should be jettisoned.

Same thing goes to the NSITF board who dissected over N3bn under the watch of the minister who claims he is not aware of this massive graft and now counter accusations is the other of the day. This cash mismanaged is from the loan taken via Sale of Naira bond , NTB to mention few.

Then the “Progressives” we lined at National Assembly are paid at least $30,000 /months since January 2020 till date. From January to June 2020 over $84 million which is equivalent to N38.9 billion has been paid as emoluments which includes salaries and other hidden bonuses. This cash is from loans taken via Sales of Naira Bond, NTB to mention few.

The entire cash spent on Covid which is yet to be rendered is from Loans taken via Naira bond , NTB to mention few.

Between January 1 and July 2020 Nigeria has taken a loan in the excess of N4.5 trillion and almost N5 trillion. This Naira bond , Sukuk and the NTB part is listed on the Debt management office website. Just yesterday we got another $466. million via the Naira bond. You can get this details via the DMO website.

These gentlemen are pilfering away our future, that our children and our unborn generations but Nigerians are fixated on the drama at NASS which is a charade.

Suddenly Nigerians have forgotten about Magu and Malami matter. We have moved on.

This is one of the reason I don’t envy Omoyele Sowore Dele Farotimi Inibehe Effiong ,and other individuals, how will anyone be agitating for those who dont want to be liberated?

I don’t really understand how anything good can come out of that country without the citizens revolting against the devil belittling them for decades?

A country where every region has their own thief is long gone.

I stand by my word The county is a CRIME SCENE which should be cordoned off.

Meet the Senator who got paid 120 NDDC contract and did none.

My name is Ettu Mohammed. 

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